Tysoe Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors are volunteers and have been elected to work together with the Parish Clerk on behalf of their community.  Tysoe Parish Council currently has 8 Councillors.

Chairman – Jacqui Sinclair (re -elected 14 September 2020)
Vice Chairman – David Roache (re-elected 14 September 2020)
Councillor – Alison Cross
Councillor – Jane Millward
Councillor – James Bardey
Councillor – John Tongue
Councillor – Malcolm Littlewood

If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor please read our Job Description and Become a Councillor

Register of Councillors Disposable Pecuniary Interests

As part of the democratic process Councillors are, upon election, required to disclose any pecuniary interests.  The register of interests is available to view here.

Areas of Responsibility

To capitalise on their areas of expertise and interest, Councillors volunteer to focus on certain areas of interest.  The following areas of responsibility were agreed at the AGM on 14 September 2020.

Council Strategy (future planning) Cllrs Roache, Cross & Littlewood
Employment/HR Cllrs Cross & Millward
Financial Management Cllrs Sinclair & Millward
Infrastructure & Environment Cllrs Cross, Littlewood & Tongue
Neighbourhood Plan Cllrs Roache, Tongue & Littlewood; resident Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher
Planning Cllrs Millward, Tongue, Littlewood
Playground Cllrs Cross & Millward
Road Safety TBA
Trees Cllrs Bardey & Sinclair
Welfare Cllrs Roache, Cross 
 Social/Affordable Homes Cllrs Roache, Tongue & Littlewood; resident Matt Jarvis-Cleaver
Contact Details

Councillor                           Email Address                                                 Telephone    

Alison Cross                         alison.cross@tysoe.org.uk                           07866 426188

David Roache                      david.roache@tysoe.org.uk                         07785 340955

Jacqui Sinclair                    jacqui.sinclair@tysoe.org.uk                       07855 854160

James Bardey                      james.bardey@tysoe.org.uk                       07715 314753

Jane Millward                       jane.millward@tysoe.org.uk                      07850 567794

John Tongue                        john.tongue@tysoe.org.uk                          01295 680469

Malcom Littlewood           m.littlewood@tysoe.org.uk                         07494 572977


Parish Clerk                          parish.clerk@tysoe.org.uk                            07938 633352