Forestry work on Upton Estate Summer 2021

As we are sure many of you are aware Ash dieback is highly destructive disease which has become an increasing problem in England. It is a fungal disease which weakens them before they die. Ash Dieback (Chalara) has severely affected much of the Ash on the estate and as such we are required to carry out some substantial felling at the bottom and east of Sunrising Hill to remove the tees before they become dangerous and a greater risk to people using the footpaths and bridleways. Please be assured that this felling will be followed by a replanting scheme which is approved by the Forestry Commission.

In order to keep everyone safe while the work is taking place the public routes through the woodland are being temporarily diverted and a plan of the temporary routes is attached. These new routes will be sign posted and the original routes will be reinstated as soon as work in the immediate vicinity has been completed. We would be grateful if anyone using these paths does stick to the temporary routes for their own safety.

The felling work is due to commence this week and we envisage it will take approximately 6 weeks although the footpath diversions won’t be required for the full 6 weeks. The replanting work will take place later this year or early next year.

The forestry work will be carried out under the supervision of Nicholsons forestry team. If you have any queries regarding any of this information please do not hesitate to contact Tim Shardlow at Nicholsons or the Estate Office at Upton Estate on 01295 670 538.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the temporary footpath/bridleway diversions.

Many thanks,

Upton Estate

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