Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan – “Call for Sites”


Do you have any sites suitable for development?

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, Tysoe is required to identify and keep a register of sites. From 1 September till 31st October the new Working Party for the Neighbourhood Plan will be running a ‘Site Allocation consultation’.

If you have a site which you think would be suitable for development in the Tysoe Parish, then you will need to fill out a ‘Call for Sites’ form which you can find on the website on the link above, or pick up a form from Tysoe Village Shop and Tea Rooms and return it to the Parish Clerk so it can be added to the Register.   Please complete the form if you would like to suggest land for future development in Stratford on Avon District.  The sites will be assessed as part of the SHLAA and used in the preparation of the Site Allocation Plan which can be viewed at www.stratford.gov.uk/siteallocations

Please only submit sites capable of delivering 1 or more homes.

For those who have already applied as part of an earlier ‘Call for Sites’, there is no need to reapply as your site details will already be on the register. If you miss this consultation period, don’t panic as applications can always be added later.

Please come along to any of the meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee if you have any questions about the Site Allocation consultation, you will find details of our next meeting on the Parish noticeboard.

Isobel Watson, Secretary

Tysoe NP Steering Committee

Email: nutmeg51@btinternet.com

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