Before coronavirus struck, demand for community transport was rising dramatically in Warwickshire, driven by the needs of some of our most vulnerable residents.  Those who needed help to get to hospitals and health services … to stroke clubs, dance classes and many more social activities.  To do things many of us then took for granted! And until March, when the pandemic hit, this was what VASA helped to provide every day.  Their services help change people’s lives.

VASA have managed to restart their transport service for medical appointments thanks to a fantastic team of volunteers.  Community spirit is at an all time high – and they now need you to help keep up the great work too!  They are keen to recruit more drivers as soon as possible as demand is starting to rise again and more people need to get to medical appointments.  Here’s how you can help vulnerable passengers as a volunteer …
For some people, you may be the only person they can chat to that day.  Knowing they can rely on someone who’ll turn up on time, drive them to the right place and be ready to collect them after their appointment, makes them feel more confident and less stressed.  And community transport is usually much cheaper than using taxis.
As a volunteer driver, you’ll enjoy flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.  The work may be challenging and also great fun!  You can make a difference to other people’s lives in a very short time – and it can change your life too, giving you new interests and confidence.
VASA have taken every precaution to make their service as safe and supportive as possible for drivers and passengers alike.  This includes providing volunteers with a written agreement, detailed guidance and procedures to follow, PPE (including face masks for drivers and passengers) and practical advice.

Can you join the drive to change lives as a community transport driver?  If you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch immediately: call VASA on 01789 262889 or email  They’d like to hear from you even if you can’t start straight away.

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