Tysoe & District Record

Silver Linings – Editorial from the July Issue
Every cloud has a silver lining.  Although it may have been hard to find one a month ago, with hindsight I suspect the majority would agree lockdown could have been much worse.  There’s something about a crisis that brings out the best in the British.  Be it Dunkirk or the Blitz; the national psyche keeps reminding us ‘Never surrender’.  Though, for many of us, this was our first national crisis, like previous generations, ours has risen to the challenge.

We took the decision to try and retain normality by keeping the Record going.  Although a challenge, we believe it to have been right.  If any subscriber, who has not received recent copies of the Record, wants one please let us know.  Corona has highlighted several shortcomings in Record production, which we are trying to resolve. Most just require additional manpower. If you would like to join the Record Team please let us know.



The Tysoe & District Record has been providing community news in its current form since the 1950’s .  In November 2019, our 800th issue, we introduced colour.  You can subscribe to the Record by emailing tysoerecord@gmail.com.