Tysoe Record November 2013

Highlights of 7th October monthly meeting were as follows.

District Councillor Gill Roache needs volunteers to help check vehicle speeds within the village speeds limits.

Parish councillors all-out elections have been delayed from 2014 until 2015.

Mr Colin Locke was voted onto the parish council.

DC Roache continues to investigate the feasibility of a bus shelter.

The parish council has concerns over a planning application for a new access from New House Farm, Sandpits Road onto the Oxhill Road.

The parish council also objected to a planning application for nine new dwellings in Sandpits Road.

Ms Alison Cross and Mr Craig Marshall are Tysoe’s new broadband champions.


Future housing development

Mr Keith Risk explained the work of the newly formed Tysoe Residents Neighbourhood Planning Group.

It was agreed to work closely, to develop a neighbourhood plan and the parish council would fund the work of a planning consultant to examine the Gladman proposal.


Extraordinary meeting on 14th October

Held in village hall due to level of public interest in the Gladman outline planning application for 80 homes on the Oxhill Road.

The parish council objected to the application on the grounds of totally unsuitable volume of housing plus environmental, flooding and traffic concerns.


Full minutes on Tysoe Parish Council noticeboard.

Cllr Simon Forrester

About Simon Forrester

Simon Forrester became a Tysoe Parish Councillor following a by-election in 2007. His specific responsibility is for flood defence. Simon and his family have lived in Tysoe for 20 years and have also been involved in The Tysoe Flower Show & Fete, the community orchard and beekeeping, and bell ringing. In his day job Simon is a marketing copywriter and is a qualified public speaker. On a voluntary basis he is a business advisor to start-ups at Oxfordshire Business Enterprises and is part of a mentoring scheme at The Warriner School in Bloxham. Contact: 01295 688459 or 680265 email: simon.forrester@pop.3.hiway.co.uk