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Tysoe Record February 2015

These are the main features of the December meeting:

Agreed to additional litter bin at cost of £320 plus annual emptying cost of £100.

Agreed to devise a plan to switch off excess streetlights.

Developer of The Orchard, Main Street agreed to clear the ditch and install trash screens but the residents will have joint riparian responsibilities.

Agreed to contribute £200 in response to request for church clock maintenance.

Agreed not able to make a donation to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Investigate having a parking space for the disabled.

Posters advertising village events must be taken down after the event.


Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Group intend to circulate a draft plan, including policies, for comment by February. Stratford District Council will be notified once we are ready to formalise the process.

Any balance of the grant money must be spent by 31/12/14 or paid back.


Planning update

Parish councillors see no reason to disagree with planning officer’s objections to Avon Avenue proposal.

Parish council objected to amended outline application for 3 dwellings at Home Holdings; one dwelling would be more suitable.

Agreed no representation on Westcote Stud, Radway application.

Agreed no representation on Pincock Farm application.

At extra meeting on 16th December, agreed:

Support amended application for two dwellings at Home Holdings.

Support application at Hardwick Farm.

No representation on application at The Anchorage.

No representation on application for tree work at St Mary’s Church.

No representation on application for Church Farm House, Main Street.

No representation on application for Honeycote Farm House, Lower Tysoe.


Public participation

Ask the police to investigate cars being parked dangerously outside gates to playing field.

Remove protruding brackets from seat in play area.

Could the parish council get involved in requesting ‘recovery’ of the Gladman enquiry from the Secretary of State. Agreed not for the parish council.

Councillor Simon Forrester

Tysoe Record December 2014

Highlights of well-attended November meeting:

Agreed to proceed with purchase of computer for village use.

Lottery application submitted for upgrade of playground equipment.

Mixed response so far on streetlights. We have a huge number – 53.

Trying to establish responsibility for ditch maintenance by The Orchard development.

Unhelpful response so far from Shipston about speeding.

Started work on a budget and precept application for 2015/16. Request for funding from Tysoe Village Hall Committee will be considered in this context.

Still considering additional litterbins but who will empty them?


Neighbourhood Plan

Summary of survey results was very helpful for Gladman enquiry.

Approval given to print and distribute the summary of the survey results.

Neighbourhood Plan Group now proceeding with writing plan.

Confirmation that the neighbourhood plan is crucial, whatever the outcome of the Gladman enquiry.


Planning update

Planning application in Lane End, Lower Tysoe was approved largely due to support of local people – parish council, district councillor and neighbours.

Pre-planning letter for Avon Avenue being considered by the parish council.

Letter concerning an amended application for Home Holdings caused concern but parish council will await formal application.


Public participation

Why not move small litterbin to play area.

Don’t forget request for bus shelter.

Consider selling the village hall to raise money to develop the fire station.


Cllr Simon Forrester