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Tysoe Record March 2015

These are the main features of the February meeting:

Ownership of dangerous wall by church being investigated by solicitors.

Agreed to proposal to reduce street lighting and make considerable cost saving.

Update on speeding presented by Inspector Adrian Davis from Stratford Police who said increased speed checks in Tysoe had caught a number of offenders. Agreed some speed limit signs require improvement.

Tysoe Utilities Trust explained the considerable good work they do in the village although this is not widely known.

Agreed to reconsider measures to stop parking on village green.

Due to various holidays and the election in 2015, monthly parish council meetings will be held on 13th April, 18th May and 20th July, otherwise as normal on first Monday of the month.

Surface of path between Middle and Lower Tysoe badly in need of repair.

Potholes can be reported by anyone via email: county.highways@warwickshire.gov.uk or telephone 01926 412515.

Agreed to submit this article to the Stratford Herald.


Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Group are almost ready to circulate, for extensive consultation, version 2 of the neighbourhood plan, which will incorporate comments and suggestions to version 1.

Parish council has been advised that, while early submission of version 2 is unlikely to carry significant weight against large unwanted planning applications, there is no risk and nothing to lose in doing so. Meanwhile, consultation will proceed. Agreed parish council clerk would submit to Stratford District Council and the planning inspector.


Planning update

At extra meeting on 19th January, agreed:

No representation on application at Church Farm House.

Support application for barn conversion at Old Lodge Farm, Sugarswell Lane.


Public participation

Confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan Group provide updates via the Tysoe Record.

Suggestion that a type of plastic protective fencing could be used on the village green.


Elections on 7th May

In addition to parliamentary and district council elections, all eight seats on Tysoe Parish Council are up for election on 7th May with the likelihood of some councillors retiring, some standing again.

The election is the opportunity to get involved in the running of Tysoe and to influence the level of Community Charge as well as to enjoy the sense of satisfaction derived from serving the community.

Anyone interested in standing for election could contact Graham Raspin, the Returning Officer at Stratford District Council or speak to a parish councillor or watch the parish council noticeboard for announcements in March and April.

Councillor Simon Forrester