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Tysoe Record December 2013

Highlights of 4th November monthly meeting were as follows.

A possible location for a bus shelter is outside 13 Middleton Close, although agreement and funding remain major obstacles.

The source of water running down Main Street opposite Avon Avenue will again be investigated.

The process is under way for the development of a neighbourhood plan.

It was agreed we need another litterbin.

The parish council is objecting to a planning application to develop Lower Grounds outside Middle Tysoe, mainly on the basis of over-development of this location adjacent to the AONB.

The parish council is investigating why were not consulted before permission was granted on plans for a Warwickshire County Council four bedroom house in Lower Tysoe.

People have started parking on the village green and damaging the curbstones opposite the shop and the Peacock.

It was agreed to obtain quotes for two additional grit bins.

Minutes on the Tysoe Parish Council noticeboard.

The campaign for fast broadband

Broadband speeds in much of Tysoe are painfully slow. To help bring fast broadband it is vital that all Tysoe residents and businesses who use the internet complete the survey and demonstrate the high level of demand.

Details of the survey are in the letter from Tysoe’s broadband champions, Alison Cross and Craig Marshall.

Cllr Simon Forrester