Submission Plan

The Submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan is now with the District Council for consultation. The consultation period will run from Thursday 16th May to Friday 28th June. All of the documents can be viewed here or they can be viewed at where comments on the Plan can also be posted.
Once the consultation period is over the Plan plus any comments and the Parish Council’s responses to those comments will be given to an independent Examiner who will take up to three months to write a report. If, as expected, he then recommends that the Plan goes to referendum, probably with a few recommended amendments, the referendum is likely to be in late November or December of this year.
This is your Plan and, when the time comes, it is important that you vote. Watch out for further publicity around the village regarding the timing of a referendum and other matters on the Plan.

2 thoughts on “Submission Plan

  1. Having read every page of the Neighbourhood Plan recently submitted to Stratford DC for consultation, I commend the Parish Council for a thorough and professional piece of work on behalf of our village.
    1200 residents means there are many contrasting views on this emotive subject, but I consider this plan is representative of thye majority of views I have heard expressed and fully endorse it.

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