Statement from the NPG and Parish Council

The Parish Council (PC) and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (the NPG) are aware that certain individuals are trying to influence the consultation process and have distributed literature which the PC/NPG believes is misleading. The PC and the NPG urge you to speak and think freely without influence and respond to the plan consultation based on your own views and not others. All comments will be considered and in due course a joint statement will be released by the PC/NPG .

2 thoughts on “Statement from the NPG and Parish Council

  1. Can you please publish the source of the misleading information so that parishioners can recognise it when it drops through their letterbox or appears in their inbox.

    Also, the latest draft appears contrary to the recently issued (July 24th) 2018 NPPF in a number of respects and will thus become immediately out of date. Given this, and the attempts to influence the outcome, I suggest the Steering Committee withdraws the draft at this stage pending a re-write to bring it up to date (hint: it is not compliant with paragraph 14b, among many others).

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