Neighbourhood Plan

Members of the Neighbourhood Development Planning Group

Chair – David Roache –

Secretary – Isobel Watson –

Wayne Cressman, Alison Edwards, Jeremy Rivers Fletcher, John Hunter

Parish Councillors: John Tongue and Malcolm Littlewood

Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Consultation Draft – 9th July 2018

Chairman’s covering letter

Tysoe draft Neighbourhood Plan Summary & Introduction

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan – Comments Form

Meeting notes:  M Neal meeting notes August 2016

The Tysoe Neighbourhood Planning Group are currently working through the responses that they received to the draft pre-submission consultation in 2017 and these will be made public in due course.  Stratford District Council’s comments on the draft pre-submission consultation can be viewed at:

Statement: 29 August 2018

The Parish Council (PC) and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (the NPG) are aware that certain individuals are trying to influence the consultation process and have distributed literature which the PC/NPG believes is misleading. The PC and the NPG urge you to speak and think freely without influence and respond to the plan consultation based on your own views and not others. All comments will be considered and in due course a joint statement will be released by the PC/NPG .