Minutes 2020 – 2021

4 May 2020 – Record of agreement to revised Financial Regulations.

4 May 2020 – Agreement to revised Financial Regulations 2020
Financial Regulations

3 April 2020 – Vote to increase Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officers hours up to 20 per week during current Covid-19 pandemic.

3 April – Record of vote to increase Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officers hoursrecommendation FOR

Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
To ensure that the Parish Council can continue to support the Parish under the restrictions in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to delegate powers to the Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer.

Scheme of Delegation to the Parish Clerk FINAL

1 April 2020 – Due to the restriction on meeting the resolution to delegate powers was taken via email.

1 April 2020 – Record of vote to invoke Scheme of Delegation to Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer – resolution Proposed, Seconded, All in Favour.

* * *

2 March 2020 Ordinary Minutes FINAL DRAFT  – minutes unsigned as Ordinary meeting on 25 March and 6 April CANCELLED due to Covid-19 pandemic.

3 February 2020 Ordinary Minutes APPROVED

13 January 2020 Extra Minutes APPROVED

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