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Your views on new Health & Wellbeing Hub Requested

South Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership  in partnership with Healthwatch Warwickshire are asking for your views on the services you would like to see at the new Health and Wellbeing Hub on the Ellen Badger site in Shipston.

Services at the  Hub will be for all residents in this area to access and therefore your views as to what should  be provided are important in shaping the service provision.

You can access the survey by one of the methods mentioned on the Survey poster, or if you prefer a paper copy with FREEPOST reply please contact Gill Roache on 01295 680309.

Closing date for responses is 12 February 2021.

Slurry Tankers in Tysoe

We have had several complaints about the tractors that are travelling through Tysoe throughout the night.

The Parish Clerk has spoken to the farmer concerned to understand more. He explained what is happening:

Two drivers, with a tractor and tanker are working 24 hours a day to move pig slurry from the pig farm on the A422 to Epwell. The direct and cheapest route for their journey is through Tysoe.  The slurry must be moved to sandy farmland in Epwell because it cannot be spread in and around Oxhill and Tysoe because of the predominantly clay soil. Spreading slurry onto wet clay soil would likely cause run off into the water table which is illegal.

To keep pace with the production of new slurry and clear the backlog from the year before, we can expect one tractor to be moving through the village twice an hour, 24 hours per day during January – March. This season will be extended if there is heavy rain or snow. The tanker collects the slurry from the pig farm and then returns through Tysoe with a full load.
When entering the village, to be considerate of residents, the tractor speed is restricted to 15 miles/hour and flashing lights are turned off.

When asked if there was an alternate route for the tractor to take, the farmer explained that going via Sunrising Hill adds a further 10miles to each trip and increases the time it takes the tractor to complete a pickup and drop off. The tanker takes 12 journeys (and 12 hours) to remove the slurry created by the pigs in one day. The rest of the trips take away the stored slurry that has built up in the previous year. Any change to the route would extend the time it would take to move the slurry and reduce the farmer’s margins.

The farmer in question has been performing this same job annually for over 10 years. He appreciates and understands the feedback from the village and is happy to engage with residents via the Parish Council.

Subscribe for Garden Waste Service

To receive a garden waste service from 1st April 2021, Stratford District Council have introduced an annual charge of £40 per bin (agreed last year but delayed by a year due to Covid-19). If you do not subscribe to this service your green waste will no longer be removed on a fortnightly basis.
If you decide that you do need your green bin, why not, before subscribing, consider whether you can club together with your neighbours to share a one and therefore share the cost.
SDC are offering an early bird rate of £35 for residents who subscribe before 28th February 2021. Here is the link to subscribe to the service.

Avian Influenza

Do you keep poultry on your land? Are you complying with the Government’s current requirements related to Avian Influenza?
From 14 December 2020 all bird keepers in England (whether they have pet birds, commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock) have been required by law to take a range of biosecurity precautions including keeping their birds indoors except in very specific circumstances. See the posters below for further information.
Government encourage all keepers to register their birds and to keep contact details up to date, so that they can make contact with you quickly if there is a disease outbreak in the area and you need to take action.
If you have more than 50 birds, you are legally required to register your flock within one month of their arrival at your premises. If you have less than 50 birds, including pet birds, you are still strongly encouraged to register. Find out how to register your birds by following the link.

Tysoe Accommodation

Whether you are visiting family or friends or taking yourself off for a staycation, Tysoe is a superb destination and we can offer several accommodation options.

Winchcombe Farm Holidays
Get starry eyed while glamping in this idyllic 5-star retreat, nestling in the fold of a hillside on a private country estate and surrounded by a working farm.

Winchcombe Farm Holidays boasts a handful of luxury holiday homes including the Chicken Shed Lodge (sleeps 5), Bob’s Lodge (sleeps 8), Ben’s Burrow (sleeps 9) and George’s Getaway (sleeps 8) all complete with geodesic domes, a telescope and binoculars for scanning the night sky. After cooking up a storm in the charcoal pizza oven, feed your curiosity gazing at the moon and the endless, twinkling heavens beyond.  You’ll also find Warwickshire’s only tree house holiday home here too (Will’s Tree House), where you can spend a night in the tree tops soaking up the most amazing views in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
T: 01295 680190




Make a Change – Become a Councillor

Written applications are now being received for the vacancy of Councillor to Tysoe Parish Council. Deadline for applications is 01/02/2021 with the intention of our new Councillor being in post for the new financial year.
For most information please go to
Please email your application to or deliver to 6 Middleton Close.

WCC Creative Arts Offer

Warwickshire County Council and the five District and Boroughs are offering a suite of creative arts packs for those residents who are clinically extremely vulnerable during Lockdown 2 to improve mental health and wellbeing.   If you are interested for yourself or a neighbour in the Parish please contact the relevant artist:

Creative arts offer
1. FREE Storytelling Activities Pamphlet
At its heart this course will be about storytelling and the fact that every one of us is a natural storyteller.  Through thought-provoking exercises and games, each of the six lessons will introduce various techniques used in the art of storytelling so that, without realising it, you will build up confidence and skill. By the end of the lessons you will have grown in your ability to express yourself and have some solid tools and exercises that you can use for storytelling and creative writing in the future. Contact
Jenny Davis for the activities pamphlet 07946 585978

2. BIG PICTURE SHOW @HOME Inspiring films and activities for you to enjoy at home. We will post out a DVD containing a number of inspiring short films suitable for a wide range of ages. The pack will include suggestions for ways to explore the films fully and ideas for related activities. You will need a DVD player connected to a TV, computer or laptop so you can watch the films on the disk. Some of the activities may suggest using everyday household objects, but these are completely optional and no specialist equipment is required. Please contact Live & Local on 01926 402173 or to request your DVD pack.

3. Sundragon Community Pottery will send out a pack containing air-drying clay, tools, paints and an ideas and instruction booklet. Participants can follow our instructions to make particular projects eg a container and decorative tiles or they will be able to follow their own ideas. We hope that participants will find that working with clay is calming, focussing, enables self-expression, offers skill development, distraction from worry – all disguised as fun. For would be participants contact phone number: 077611 45720., email address:

4. The Escape Box – Creative Journaling Pack
A gift with all the art materials you need to create your own creative journal and keepsake box. Lots of guided creative activities to have a go at make things personal to you, all delivered to your door. To receive yours contact info@escapearts.or.guk or call (01789) 532110 (answer machine in operation).


Plans for a local Southam-based COVID vaccination programme are developing well. As a PCN we have to deliver at one site only for our practice population of just over 30,000. South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is running the Covid vaccination programme for the GP surgeries in the Southam Area.
We have been informed by our local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that the local programme is aiming to commence as early as next week in Southam. We will of course keep you posted, and will inform any patients as and when they are eligible for the vaccination.
We are asking all patient to still adhere to the national lockdown rules once they have been vaccinated to control to spread of the virus. The vaccination roll out will be in line with the national guidelines and we will start with our over 80’s. Our Care Home and housebound patients will have their vaccines delivered by the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust this is being done as a service separately to the Southam Hub service.
Before the Covid vaccination became available, the government asked the CCGs around the country to provide a Covid vaccination service. The CCGs, in turn, asked their local PCNs whether they wished to take the responsibility for this. If the PCN did not wish to do so, then the CCG would run the vaccination programme themselves. You will know that many of the other local PCNs decided to take responsibility for the programme. However, all the practices in the East PCN had concerns about how they could provide the service. All the practices are small and have limited capacity regarding available staff. Since all the practices needed to be fully on-board with doing it, the East PCN decided to leave the CCG to provide the service. The PCN practices based the decision to ask the CCG to provide the service due to Staffing of the site.
Many of our practices have branch surgeries and if we were to staff a Covid hub then this would mean the temporary closure of our branches and therefore have a great impact on patient care. With Covid itself our staffing levels may be impacted due to pandemic and again our first thoughts were to protect the day to day primary care we deliver. The date of delivery of the vaccine would not be released until 2 days before arrival, during which time batches of 1000 people would need to be invited. This in itself would be a challenge as we are 5 individual small sites and this could mean high vaccine wastage due to the short shelf life of the vaccine. We have not been able to have the contract changed to meet the challenges of a small rural practice populations we have asked
If we were to have an extra cold freezer (at -70oC) we did not have a site with the capacity to house this
A GMC registered doctor (i.e. not retired) must be on site at the “hub” to sign a legal document for each of the patients stating that there were no contraindications to that patient having the vaccination. This is possible when we vaccinate our own practice’s patients, but not possible when we don’t know patients from other practices.
A doctor must sign a document confirming that they are satisfied that the person giving the vaccination is competent and has completed full training to do so. Once again, this is possible for our own practice staff but very difficult with staff from other practices.
This was a very difficult and morale decision and we based it on the safety of all of our patients knowing that keeping our doors open and our dispensary running especially over the winter pressure months was for us paramount but that we also would offer the CCG support in administration to invite our patients in for the vaccine and to also help staff the hubs are also be a channel for those people wishing to volunteer to help.
In some parts of the county, Covid vaccinations have already started. But not in all areas. Not all PCNs are in wave 1. The vaccines are being rolled out to some PCNs ahead of others. Patients of the East PCN will not miss out.
We are asking patients to please not call the surgery to find out about the vaccination programme but to please bear with us and know that they will be invited in very soon.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Please note that the audit of accounts for Tysoe Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2020 has been completed and the accounts have been published.

The Notice and the relevant pages from the Annual Governance & Accountability Return are available here.

You are able to print a copy from the website but if you do require a printed copy please contact  There is a fee of £10 for printed copies.  The Annual Governance & Accountability Return is available for inspection.  Please contact to arrange a mutually convenient time to view the records.


NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that a vacancy exists in the office of parish councillor for the parish of Tysoe, by reason of the resignation of Councillor Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher on 10th November 2020.

Any ten local government electors for the parish may require an election to be held to fill the said vacancy. To do this, they must send a written request to the Chief Executive, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, which must reach him not later than 3rd day of December 2020. No set form of words is necessary.

If such a request is received by the Chief Executive, an election will be held.  If no request is received, the vacancy will be filled in due course by co-option by the remaining members of the parish council.

Dated this 13th day of November 2020.

By order of the parish council

Beverley Thorpe

Parish Clerk

* Please note that due to the passing of emergency regulations in April 2020 governing the conduct of polls then should an election be requested in respect of the above vacancy then it is unlikely a poll may be held before Thursday 6th May 2021.