Neighbourhood Plan

Members of the Neighbourhood Development Planning Group

Chair – David Roache –

Secretary – Isobel Watson –

Wayne Cressman, Alison Edwards, Jeremy Rivers Fletcher

Parish Councillors: John Tongue and Malcolm Littlewood

NPG Agenda 31 May 2018


minutes Steering Group Jan 30th 2018

minutes Steering Group March 1st 2018

minutes Steering Group March 27th 2018

minutes Steering Group May 1st 2018

NPG Terms of Reference Nov 2017

public meeting tues dec 19th 2017

You can now download the pre-consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan. Readers should also download the Proposals Map which is an integral part of the draft Plan, you may also want to download Volume 2 of the draft Plan which provides much of the evidence to support the policies contained in the draft Plan.

Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Pre Submission Draft


Tysoe NP Draft V2 Volume 1 Version 2.0 February 2015

tysoe-np-draft-volume-2 Version 2.0 February 2015



Full Statement of Parish Council regarding NPG resignation

Policy Advice Note – Neighbourhood Planning Housing Needs – June 2015

Memorandum re meeting with Matthew Neal SDC 14th January 2016

Tysoe Parish Plan 2010

Tysoe Needs Your Help leaflet


Survey Results Draft

Meeting notes:  M Neal meeting notes August 2016

The Tysoe Neighbourhood Planning Group are currently working through the responses that they received to the draft pre-submission consultation and these will be made public in due course.  Stratford District Council’s comments on the draft pre-submission consultation can be viewed at: